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Archangel Michael Hospice,located in Paphos, is the first hospice in Cyprus to have a dedicated wing for the care of our terminally ill children.  

It is a facility that provides respite and hospice care for everyone.  No one is excluded from it's services to the community.   

This bespoke facility requires substantial donations to ensure that day to day operations can be maintained.  Although a first class team of Doctors donate their expertise, maintaining the facility and providing nursing 24/7 nursing care is imperative.    

We have all been touched by the loss of a loved one to illness, and understand the pain such illness causes.  Hospice care is not only for the sick, it reaches out to their families and friends, providing a healing, supportive and loving environment, during those critical times.  
        Everyone, without exception, deserves a peaceful, pain free and         ... dignified exit from this world.  


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Yve Brooks 
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