Yve Brooks  -  Spirit Medium, Clairvoyant, Energy Healer, Teacher


James G. Lyndlay of Lincoln, England (August 2017)

"From an early age I was always targeted by fortune tellers, mediums, healers and others that thought they knew a lot about me.  I sat in many circles and attended many Spiritualist Churches.  They gave me many readings and to be fair ONE or TWO of them did help me to a degree.   But oh, the rest were absolute rubbish, for some reason they could not "Read Me."  When Yve spoke with me, I was immediately aware of an internal excitement that this was going to be very different, and oh boy, was it!   After about fifteen minutes my father bless him, came through.  It was 45 years since I watched him pass over from a massive heart attack.  He did come through initially but nothing for the last 44 years until now.  What he told me through the medium of Yve, was pure magic.  I have always known for many years that I have been "blocked" as my life has been one struggle after another and basically I had given up on life.

I have asked many healers to clear this blockage around me.  I tried to clear myself until I cried myself to sleep many times.  BUT NOW through Yve, my father told me what the issue was, what caused it and more to the point HOW TO CLEAR IT!  I immediately started gently working on my blockage using the exercise given to me two or three times a day and within forty eight hours I felt so much better.  It was amazing.  For the rest of my life I will always remember the day, the time, the month and the year.  I am so so grateful to Yve, my father and to my Guardian Angel.  Yve,  you are very gifted and I am in awe of your capabilities.  You are indeed an Earth Angel.  Now I have a life and an exciting future.  Thank you!."  

Susan Keaton - USA

"A consultation with Yve covers so much more ~ she doesn't use any 'tools', she simply connects as a Spirit Medium, with your spirit, your soul, your aura and your energy, in a way that is quite rare. You won't be disappointed.  Hands on Healing with Yve felt different to anything I have ever experienced, incredibly powerful.  She really is first class."

Julie Manning ~ England
"I've never met anyone like Yve before.  My friend recommended her when I was going through a really bad time.  At first, I wasn't sure about seeing a Spirit Medium, but I'm so glad I went.  I was shocked, I couldn't believe how much information it included.  It was as if Yve had lived my life!  Later, I had some mentoring & healing sessions with Yve which really helped me turn my life around.  Her wisdom and ability to connect with me, on a deep soul level, enabled me to let go of so much pain, especially the grief from losing my parents.  Yve helped me find the courage to move on in a positive and creative, new way.  I highly recommend Yve to anyone who wants to create a better life." 

Stephen Reynolds - Cyprus 

"When my wife told me she had been to see a Spirit Medium and thought it would be a good idea for me to see her too, I thought she was joking.  It was only after she told me some of what she had been told that I decided to make an appointment for myself.  To be honest, I wasn't really expecting much.  Well ...  I can honestly say that Yve changed my thinking.  The evidence was too strong to ignore.  Yve is genuine and she is excellent. My consultation helped me to understand my experiences and enabled me to forgive and move on.  I left with a feeling of great peace.  For Yve, delivering messages from Spirit is normal however, experiencing her doing it for me, was amazing." 

Irini Constantinou - Cyprus

"I have known Yve many years.  She has helped me, my friends and my family to understand and live our lives in a different way.  When we had difficulties and thought there was no way out, Yve  helped us to see things differently, to stay strong and to keep going.  I like hearing from my family in Spirit.  I feel them but I can't hear them or see them.  Yve is a very, very special lady.  She can help you too."

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Yve Brooks 
Spirit Mediumship,  PsychoSpiritual Counselling & Healing 
Post Grad. Cert. Ed., BSc. (Hons) Psych.,
Cert. Soc. Sci., Dip. Counselling., AMA, MAHA (Healing), LMT Hawaii 

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